The Static And The Noise

by Iris Divine

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"Iris Divine is another one of those bands that I’d heard of and been meaning to check out, but just never got a chance to do so. That’s one of the reasons I am still doing reviews! And after hearing their latest album “The Static and the Noise,” I am really glad I got a chance to hear this band. “The Static and the Noise” is one of those albums that plays like a band’s greatest hits album.

The album starts out with a killer one-two punch with “Catalyst” and “Taking Back the Fall.” Both songs have incredible hooks, tight musicianship and great vocals. This is how you start an album! When you have to listen to albums to see if you’ll review them, it’s great when a song like “Catalyst” jumps out and punches you in the face. This is the kind of modern prog metal that has you driving faster in your car than you realize.

And Iris Divine never take their collective “foot” off the gas. The band seem to have an endless supply of wicked riffs. “Echoes/Effigies” has a driving riff and a sweeping chorus that work so well together. “Fractures” might be the heaviest and tightest track on the album. EXCELLENT bass work on this one by Brian Dobbs. The title track is next and it has a relentless verse with yet another powerful chorus.

“Like Glass” is a GREAT change of pace track that comes at exactly the right moment. It’s more mid tempo and has one really apeshit-prog section in it for those who need something that usually is reserved for Dream Theater. Iris Divine really don’t sound like DT though but I can hear a bit of an influence. Vocally, Navid Rashid sounds more like the guys from Heaven’s Cry, especially since Rashid harmonizes with himself a lot through out the whole album (love that) which is very much like what Heaven’s Cry does. I also hear some Byzantine in their more groove metal moments, I love that too.

“The Acolyte” showcases the band’s playing along with their songwriting talents. Drummer Kris Combs deserves mention too since as I always say, a band is only as good as their drummer, and Combs kicks ass. “We All Dissolve” is the moody closer and it’s yet another great vocal from Rashid, who by the way is a great guitarist too. My only criticism is the use of samples on the track. As most people know, I am not keen on hearing people talking over music and while the sample is fine at the start of the track, I wish that was all there was of it. I just prefer not to have the distraction.

“The Static and the Noise” is one of those albums that as you hear each track, you find yourself saying “oh wow another great song!” And that’s important here. Iris Divine can definitely play BUT the song is clearly the most important thing here. Too many prog bands are worried more about the cool things that they can do rather than making a song memorable to the listener. The song is what matters to Iris Divine and because of that,”The Static and the Noise” is one of the best albums of 2017." - Progressive Music Planet


released October 6, 2017


all rights reserved



Iris Divine Centreville, Virginia

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Track Name: Catalyst
There is no justice
There is no justice in a court of lies
In broken silence
Unspoken cycles as the victims victimize

Empathic breakdown
To understand is not to sympathize
Human reaction
When elemental tensions burn then catalyze

Their poison cadences aloud
Blind accusations twisting serpents in their mouths
They desecrate a hallowed ground
So conjuring defiant
Dance until they drown

Seven hours in the rain
Seven days under a darkened sky
Seven embers turn to flame
Seven seconds for the dead to rise

In a moment something gave
Letters cut like daggers off the page
For revenge or dignity
Setting fire to their graves
Dancers in a ritual serenade
Till there's nothing to save

In a moment something gave
Letters cut like daggers off the page
Taking back humanity
Setting fire to their graves
Dancers in a ritual serenade
Till there's nothing to save
Track Name: Taking Back The Fall
I will take back
You never wanted
You bleed unseen
You took it from me
To summon my soul

A resurrection from beyond
Can I drink from ancient waters
Heal the fractures of my soul

Turning tears to fire
Taking back the fall

The pain is not enough
Doesn't matter anyway
Doesn't matter anyway

Poisoning the cup
Nothing more that I can say
Doesn't matter anyway

Drowning alone
This failure killing me
Can't understand who's really my enemy
The shadows creeping through my mind

Of coronation and control
In a bloodless revolution
I reclaim my throne

Ashes in my eyes
I no longer recognize
The mirror lies
Turning tears to fire
The alchemy of sacrifice
We surrender to arise

From ancient waters
The lifeblood of a second chance
Reclaim the fire
Confront the doubt that I have cast

Taking back the fall
Track Name: Echoes / Effigies
Silent souls on walls engraved
A siren's woe, reminding me
With every passing hour to wait
A sorrow I will recreate

The fading eyes, the pallid skin
A fallow heart that died within
The fading line, the pain enshrined
The human heart a cruel design

Tell me how it came to be
That I am here - a hell between
Monument and effigy
A temple of what I believed
Taking all I had from me

(I) I was awake
I was a vigilant watcher
An angel waiting for the call

(I) I was ashamed
A spirit dead in the water
A shadow cast upon the wall

(Two) The enemy
Another living inside me
Redemption soaked in blood revenge

(Now) I lay the guilt
For all the bodies around me
At the feet of my own effigy

Daylight drowns in disbelief
Taking all I had from me
Stain the temple, painted lies
Ignorance the alibi
Callous eyes will watch them die

(Lost) A soul adrift
Ideological failure
Slaughter the dehumanized

(Fade) Into abyss
Into a valley of ashes
A bleeding conscience euthanized

(Fate) Or consequence
Was I the pawn or the preacher
The demon or the demonized

(Now) I know the truth
A criminal not a savior
A man I do not recognize

Daylight drowning disbelief
Something so unknown to me
Stain the temple, burn the shrine
Darkness bleeds to save these eyes
Facing light from wounded sky

Remembering who I am
Like an echo surrounding me
I'm trembling at what I have become
The faces are staring back at me

Another horizon comes
Like an echo surrounding me
Breaking through all I have become
Facing the light where darkness bleeds

You can never go back
You cannot exonerate yourself
You can never go back
Absolution does not change your guilt
Track Name: Fractures
When the colors divide
There is no space for grey
The collapse of a lie
Leaving only the stain
Of a wound in your pride
And the fractured remains

Now awakened from innocence
We could never be one again
Love cannot breathe without respect
I could never surrender to the lie
Now you're making me choose again
Is it redemption or giving in?
An eye for an eye or to forgive?
I could never surrender to the lie

Resetting the sun
And letting the blood from the silence - what's done is done
Resetting the sun
And letting the blood run from slaughter to save the son

How did a promise become a lie?
Broken in fragments internalized
Silence between us - a fracture in the sky

Poisoning the well
Intoxicate with pain until
Your shoulders bear the weight of sacrificing
In the shadow of forgiveness
Waits the scavenger - the martyr
For a graceless crucifixion

Graceless crucifixion pulling at my soul
A self destructive martyr
Spite becomes your home
The carrion of vengeance
Scavenging the bones
Wrestling with angels
To leave the past alone

Leave it alone (Destructive martyr)

How did a promise become a lie?
Broken in fragments internalized
Silence between us - an ocean between us
Fractures in the sky
Track Name: The Static And The Noise
I will not go
to a place where no one
Knows what it means
To bleed
To break out of the role

A thirteen year old boy
Thirteen years of finding a new voice
Through the static and the noise
A resonating sound
A revolution - a spirit chasing light

In a world of lesser things
We survive
In the words and broken strings
We leave behind
In the love you give away
With no return
In the truth of who we are
That can't be learned

I will make my truth
And escape this tomb
I will come alive
From electric womb

I will not be you
I will make my truth
And escape this tomb
Through the power of a groove

Awakening the boy
Searching for a solitary voice
Through the static and the noise
Waking from the void
The language of a calling not a choice
Calling out

In the coming of the flood
Bound together - ceremonial blood
In the cadence and the chord
Is the coming of the Lord
Track Name: Like Glass
When the colors make you blind
The intoxicating high
When you break and compromise
And your wings are paralyzed

In the towers of your mind
You are so one-of-a-kind
Till your circumstances bind
And you fall back into line

Illusion of control
Shatter the fragile
Illusion of control
Like glass we shatter

You walk the Earth a god
Seduction of the stars

So bitter and insatiable
Is the heart of a man
Can you even stand to face your world
With a steady hand?

You can only run so far ahead
(Fear is a dead end road)
You can only run so far ahead

Follow your heart to ruin
Winning until you lose it
Swallow the bitter medicine
Swallow your pride and mean it

We live in a world divided
A lover so unrequited
Swallow the bitter medicine
And open your eyes

When the lies you tell yourself
Playing out the hand you're dealt
Disconnect you from yourself
In the tower that you built
And when the snakes and monsters come
The highest walls won't keep them out
Creatures whispering your doubt

And all of the seeds you're sowing
Become all the fears you're growing
To hide all the tears you're stoic
Behind all the lies
Track Name: The Acolyte
Serpents and thieves in the market
Peddling illusion for wares
Ritually dispossessed
Trading hope and selling death
Tearing the pages away

Sync up the hammers
Unfurl your banners

Adversary eyes
Running paranoid
Empathy devoid
Fading slowly

Breeding discontent
Thought experiment
Venomous dissent
Fatal schism

Chaos underground
Chaos in between
Seeding enemies
Leaving no one

Shoot 'em down tonight
Foolish acolyte
When you crowned the king
You became (a mockery)

Fires on the ground
Descending crosses fill the sky
Stone saviors crumble with their bones
The acolyte

No slave or servant to become
To this Armageddon
Your saviors crumble in the light
The acolyte

When the truth cannot be sold for gain
When reality is just a game
When a god by any other name

I will not deny
I will not deny
I will not defend
Devils that defy

Seeding enemies
Schism of belief
What is blasphemy
Without Deity?

A thousand disillusioned eyes
Answering the seekers, flesh to flies
When deceiving stars align
Into constellations of the mind
A thousand disillusioned eyes
A thousand willing hearts to sacrifice

Calling to belief
The servants of a paper crown
One more century
The broken and the burning down
Track Name: We All Dissolve
Waking up
Waking up to realize
I’m facing my last breath

At the end
I am severed by the thought
Just close me down and share my faults

Time to go
Wither, die, and still denied
Drifting, insignificant, and it’s all mine
No surprise
I was too proud to feel your stares
And it's the most devastating weight I know

No surprise
Still alive
No surprise

Coming to
Eyes on buried truths
Complicated only by my selfish views
A damaged you
Incomplete and bruised
"Life withstands neglect in ways you can’t abuse"

I came from anger, (fighting) swinging away
Until I couldn’t be
(I never learned to be)

I called him “father", (biting) chasing away
He’s here still blaming me
(Why do you blame me?)

I caused the sorrow
I left for tomorrow
I broke my promise
(You were my silver lining)

I made you hollow
You’re not to follow
Don’t break your promise
(Become a silver lining)

Falling on me
My hope is forever
Find me dying
I know it’s now never

A serious silence
As my day draws near
A reflecting surface
This pride is only so sincere

Fleeing as the scene of lost souls pulled me near
Frayed by love, so close yet sudden
A simplistic life caused my weight to disappear
See me now, just battered and bludgeoned

Coming to
Too late to turn
The knife cuts my spine as you've wanted

Time to go
I have to learn
The truth calls me, lifeless and daunted

Falling on me
Your hope was forever

Find me dying
You know it’s now never

"Asking for answers with no compromise
One more lie shows just how much time can fly
You faced your father but you couldn’t face me
I'm not the silver line. i don't believe!"

"You were the ocean i drowned myself in
But I’m not your problem now that you’ve given in
How can you leave when there's nothing resolved?
Why can’t we live and love before we all dissolve?"

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